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The Republican Party used to stand for decency, truth, the Constitution and the rule of law. Donald Trump rejects those principles, endangering the GOP and the nation. That’s why we’re putting country over party and supporting a new president in 2020.

I won’t be voting for Trump because he dishonors America on the global stage and exacerbates the divisive domestic chasm in desperate need of repair for the children of America’s future. He only thinks of himself first, last, and always.

Justin K. - Colorado

I am supporting Joe Biden because we need less "America First"and more "America Leads."

Steven A. - Illinois

I called myself a Republican my whole life until watching Trump win in 2016. In 2020, I no longer recognize the party I used to call home and will be casting my vote for Biden in November. It is time for the conservative movement to rebuild.

Emily M. - Georgia

The President has veered farther and farther away from the unifying conservative leadership our country needed. We need a new president.

Chip D. - Utah

I want the country to have a person in office that represents the great traits of the American people and we don’t have that today. Regardless of policy, our President should be able to show empathy and respect for others.

Will G. - Florida

It took 225 years of tireless effort by generations of public servants to give form to the Founders' vision for our Republic, but a re-election of Trump risks it all in just four more short years.

Cliff H. - Illinois

President Trump has shown abysmal leadership skills. Our country deserves so much better.

Lynne B. - North Carolina

I was a Republican for 40 years. My principled Republican party has been replaced by the whims of an unfit and dangerous president, and I will vote to remove him from office.

Mark A. - North Carolina

We can have a President who is a servant-leader; one who will choose competent staff, work to unite the country, and in the very least - not be a complete embarrassment.

Calene V. - Oregon

Trump hates liberty, he hates justice, and he hates free speech. This is not a lesser of two evils choice. Biden loves the country, loves liberty, and has kept his Oath to support and defend the constitution, unlike Trump.

Beki K. - California

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About Us

Are you a Republican or former Republican who’s fed up with Donald Trump’s disregard for the Constitution, American values and basic decency?

Associating with a party, doesn’t make it entitled to our vote.

We’re a national coalition of Republicans and former Republicans who are fed up with the president’s failed leadership and committed to replacing him this November. We want to restore decency, integrity, commitment to truth and respect for the Constitution to the Oval Office. For many of us, that will mean supporting Joe Biden. For others, that may mean voting third party or independent. But whatever we choose, we will choose to elect a new president who will live up to those values.

That’s why we’re calling for the defeat of President Trump in 2020 and his replacement with a more honorable leader, regardless of party affiliation. Only then will the country and the party be able to rebuild.

Republicans for a New President