Our Principles

America’s founding principles and our ancestors’ sacrifice for them transformed our nation from a fledgling experiment in human freedom to a bastion of liberty among nations. Our past and future success, as many challenges remain, is neither an accident nor preordained. It is the result of our commitment to a constitutional system of self-governance in which all people – including those holding elected office – are equal under the law.

To preserve the republic in the face of the tremendous peril it faces and forge a more perfect union at a time when our president opposes this constitutional order, we hold the interests of our nation above those of our party. We are compelled and guided by a basic set of principles. They are those on which American security and prosperity still depend and which we endeavor to return to the White House and the Republican Party in 2020.

1. Loyalty to the Constitution.

Our Constitution ensures our basic rights and prevents the dangerous accumulation of government power in the hands of the few. Our president must remain loyal to our highest law, respect the limits it places on executive power, and ensure that laws are faithfully executed.

2. Commitment to Foundational American Ideals.

Despite its many imperfections, our nation was founded upon the self-evident truths that all are created free and equal. They form the basis of our self-government, which enables the realization of those ideals in our lives. Our president must sustain them and work to strengthen common commitment to them.

3. Honesty.

Accountable government, effective policy-making, and national unity depend on truth. Without it, lawlessness, incompetence and division abound. Our president must consistently seek, promote and defend truth to preserve life, liberty and justice for all.

4. Prioritization of the Public Interest.

The purpose of our government is solely to serve and protect the public interest. Our elected leaders are temporarily empowered by the people to use government power to this end, not to enrich or improperly empower themselves. Our president must use the authorities of the office only to serve the American people, and none other.

5. Decency.

Effective, ethical governance and commitment to our founding ideals require that we and our leaders act with decency. In our relations with each other, it confirms the truth that all are created equal, and therefore that government is accountable to the people. In civil discourse, it enables unifying, successful policy-making. Our president should act with decency in all professional and personal affairs.


Republicans for a New President